Temporary Limits on Customer Support as DPW Moves to Monthly Billing

As the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) prepares to transition to monthly water billing, the agency will be temporarily unable to perform some of its customer support functions, during the period from Saturday, October 1, 2016 – Tuesday, October 11, 2016.
The new BaltiMeter water billing system represents a major upgrade to the current decades old system, and goes into effect on October 11. Along with the new monthly bill, customers will no longer be charged for minimum usage, only for the water they use. The new bills will also provide customers easy to read information on their water consumption, increasing their ability to control water costs.

MOST services remain available during this transition period to monthly billing. These include bill payment, turn-on requests, turn-off requests, initiation of new senior discount program applications and of new hardship program applications, and requests for mailing address changes.
The following services may not be available during the transition period:
Enrollment in new payment arrangements. With the new system, DPW will offer improved payment arrangements including zero percent (0%) down options.

Informal conference requests will not be accepted during this time. However, water customers may inquire about a specific bill and provide documents as back-up for this review.

Lien sheet requests. DPW will not be able to provide customers with up-to-date activity on accounts.
Adjustments to accounts. DPW will not be able to provide customers with updated information on pending adjustments to accounts. Please request this information after Oct. 11.

Before visiting our Customer Support and Services Division during the next week, customers are advised to call DPW’s Customer Support and Services Division to inquire about their issue in order to avoid any inconvenience. The Customer Support and Services Division can be reached at 410-396-5398.

During the transition period, customers will still be able to make payments on their accounts to the Bureau of Revenue Collections. Those with questions about their accounts are advised to contact the Customer Support and Services Division prior to Friday, September 30. Specific account questions or concerns that arise after that date can be brought to the attention of the Division on or after this transition period by calling us, or by emailing DPW.Billing@baltimorecity.gov, or by visiting the Customer Support center located at 200 Holliday St., Baltimore, Md. 21202.
Additional information is available on the water billing tab of the DPW website, http://PublicWorks.BaltimoreCity.gov.

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