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About Park Heights

Park Heights is truly the original charmer of Charm City. The 1500 acre community is comprised of 12 distinct sub-neighborhoods, brimming with vibrant culture, history, and remarkable architecture. Originally a majority Jewish community, Park Heights is a regional has grown as an anchor for African Americans and currently is home to over 32,000 residents.

Today you can see the diversity in the Park Heights community as exhibited in restaurants serving cuisine from the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia and more. The crown jewel of the community is the Pimlico race course, established in 1870, it draws over 100,000 spectators each year to the National Maryland Preakness, the second stop on the famed Triple Crown tour.

Park Heights CentralĀ 

Park Heights Central is dedicated to providing information, resources and opportunities to the residents of Park Heights in order to strengthen the community and help it achieve its full potential.

We are the go to resource for news, updates, events, and resources for residents of and visitors to the Park Heights neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland.

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